Ozvardar Company Group was launched in Manisa, Turkey in 1952. The company that was involved in retail glass trade during the first year of its establishment made effort to expand its scope by undertaking the distributorship of "Türkiye Şişe Cam" factories in 1965. Furthermore, the company reached its current prestige and position as of 2001, when an indoor area of 16.000 meter squares was established on an area of 20.000 meter squares within the Industrial Zone of Manisa. Our group has also entered into TV Stands and Furniture sector in 2007 with "Vogues International" and “Vogues Kitchen” brands upon establishing a production facility having an closed area of 7000 m2.

As Ozvardar Company Group manufactures products of high quality, it is involved in different kinds of sectors such as white goods, construction, furniture, automotive and energy. Our Group is able to meet the demands of the world thanks to its high production capacity within the framework of qualified operation processes and strong logistical networks resulting in a wide range of products.

As of the day of its establishment Ozvardar Company Group adopted a policy that forced the Professional company staff to keep up with the cutting edge technology. The company is proud of being able to manufacture products and offer services that comply with the world class standards.

We continue to develop our profile that was established around a half century ago and the root of our power to make progress comes from the value and respect you pay for us.

Quality Policy

Since we use qualifies inputs complying with the relevant specifications and the customer expectations, we commit to offer the best products to our customers as soon as possible. Our company adopts the newest quality systems in accordance with the latest technological developments and in the meanwhile, we are making effort to protect the level of awareness in terms of environmental and social matters. To this end, we aim at improving and developing our company together with our products.